Ever tried to find an ATM?

We decided to take the kids to an amusement park this weekend. Upon leaving the house, the wife brought up the fact that we had no cash. We'd definitely need some of that.

Of course, we were already getting onto the highway.

I didn't think (and this is where the problem started) that it would be too much trouble to find an ATM machine from one of my two banks somewhere downtown.

I was terribly wrong.

Have you ever tried to find an ATM by simply driving around looking for bank signs? It's not possible. I'm quite sure that all of the signs for my banks were removed by someone, right as I was coming close to them, so that I wouldn't notice the banks.

We drove around for an hour, like lost puppies.

We ended up back close to our end of town, where we knew a bank was. While sitting at the ATM, by wife pulls out a "travel" phonebook. It has a listing of all the bank locations in it.

I didn't burst into flames (that was the first miracle).

What had happened was interesting. Apparently we had driven right by at least 3 ATM locations.

We finally made it to the amusement park, somewhere around an hour and a half after we left the house (that is the second miracle).

Take your kids to the local amusement park, but check to make sure you have money before you leave the house. Trust me on this.