Ferment me, baby.

The fermentation continues.

the liquid has been racked into a secondary fermentation container I racked the product from the primary fermentation into a 3 gallon carboy, leaving a considerable amount of sediment in the bottom to impart more of the apple flavor into the liquid.

I continued using the heating pad to add a few more degrees of heat to bring the temperature to something more pleasing to the yeast, and t seems to be working well -- the fermentation is going very strong.

see the plumes of sediment? An interesting side effect of the amount of sediment in the bottom is that there are large plumes of it burping up into the liquid, much like the Sun ejecting plasma from it's surface.

I'll continue this secondary fermentation until the specific gravity hits about 1.040, which should be in about a month. I'll then rack it again, removing all the sediment I can, and continue the fermentation until it reaches 1.000. it should then be fairly clear liquid, and ready for the next step - bottling and converting some of the wine to apple jack.

More photos are available in my photo album.