One Night in Bangkok (Arizona)

So - my trip to Arizona went well. I'll focus on the wine right now. I met Chris Heilman - we both have an interest in wine. He has made a nice port-like wine called rasinette, and I've made my Applevino.

So we decided that since I was visiting Arizona, we should meet, and trade some wine. It was great.

Chris drinks some Applevino

We went to a nice restaraunt named BYO Bistro, where you're encouraged to Bring Your Own. Which we did. A botle of Rasinette, and a bottle of Applevino. We tried various assortments of foods with them - clams, bruchetta, etc. The rasinette was wonderful. It was nearly identical to a Port made by Meier's Wine cellars in Ohio. Quite alot like the Cream Sherry as well. A very wonderful desert wine, a good compliment to any meal! In any case, it was excellent, and I'll be making a batch of my own very soon.

the wines. partially gone

It was a great night, great food, great wine, and a great new friend. We should meet again!