Malo Lactic.

Haven't written anything for a bit, and I just walked down to my Fermentation Cellar (ok, it's actually just the laundry room in my basement) and looked at my strawberry wine. It's been nearly a month since I started the fermentation in two containers -- a 5 gallon, and a one gallon container. The one gallon finished fermentation over a week ago... apparently the 5 gallon container has moved to another fermentation called "Malo-Lactic" fermentation. This should give it more depth to the flavor by affecting the lactic acid in the wine. Quite interesting, since I didn't add any ML culture into the wine! (it's obviously an ML fermentation -- one of the big tell tale signs is very small bubble rising along the edge of the bottle.).

On other similar fronts -- I thought my rasinette may have gone bad, but I now beilieve I just added a bit too much campden tablet or didn't rinse out the sterilizing chemicals from the bottle -- it had a horrible rotten egg smell, but after letting it sit awhile, it's smelling much better. Not nearly as good a smell as the starwberry though!!