Compaq Wireless Antenna

When I setup my laptop with a wireless connection using the Dell Mini-PCI card, I ordered an antenna to install in the bottom case of my latop to use with the adapter. there are two antennas -- one end of each of them attaches to the card, and the other end attaches to the frame around the LCD panel, creating a wonderful antenna.

They don't tell you this when ordering the part -- it doesn't come with any screws, and two are needed to attach it to the laptop.

In addition, they don't tell you that they are very non-standard screws. not the normal computer-screw size, or even the normal laptop screw size. they're much smaller. It thought the screws from a repair kit for eye glasses might work, but those screws are slightly too small. The only way you can get these screws is to order the screw kit from HP/Compaq -- it's $30. Looks like I'm off to the hardware store.